Focus on your recovery,
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Trauma Insurance

Preparing for the unexpected is pretty tricky, but organising trauma cover isn’t. Trauma cover can help give you financial peace of mind. Should you suffer a specified serious illness or injury, or undergo a serious medical procedure outlined in your policy, it provides you with a lump sum payment to use any way you like.

From paying your medical care to covering your mortgage or household bills, you can choose how best to use the money. This leaves you to focus on the more important things, like your treatment, recovery and spending time with your loved ones.

No one wants to imagine the worst happening but in case it does, trauma cover is your financial safety net. When you take out trauma insurance, events such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes are covered.

Free cover for the kids

If your child becomes sick with a condition covered by this policy, you’ll receive a lump sum payment of up to $50,000 (dependant on which insurer you choose) free of charge. This helps pay for the recovery-related expenses and gives you that freedom to take time off work to care for them.

For an extra $1 per month (per $10,000 of cover), you can increase this protection for your children.

Who claims for Trauma?

48 is the average age of claimants
The largest claim was for breast cancer and totalled $1.5m
The most common claims are for cancer, stroke & heart conditions
Level Term Insurance

Level Term Premiums

Watching your premiums go up each year and wondering how long you can continue to pay them? This is something a lot of our clients had asked themselves. We have a simple solution for you – Level Term Premiums. A combination of both stepped and level premiums may be the smarter way to go.

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Rethink recently reviewed all of our insurance. We soon realised we were massively under-insured. With having a previous health scare, we understood the importance of being adequately insured and therefore proceeded with the excellent advice from Jade.
We would like to thank Jade for her knowledge and for her persistence with us. We have already recommended their services to our friends who have also proceeded with insurance coverage through them. Thanks again.

– Debbie

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