Protecting my biggest asset, my ability to earn income.

Income Protection

People are quick to insure their ‘things’, but don’t think to insure their income. Without an income, the ‘things’ soon disappear! This is why you need income protection.

You determine the lifestyle you lead and your income is your ticket to that lifestyle. Protecting your income if an unexpected illness or injury occurs can provide the financial stability to recover and return to the lifestyle you enjoy. Income protect provides choice without all the stresses of having to return to work. You can focus on your priority which is your well being and recovery.

Every day is a new day and none of us have a crystal ball unfortunatley. So if you get sick or injured your income protection will be there to cover up to 75% of your gross income.

What about ACC?

ACC may pay up to 80% of your current salary if you have a accident and are not able to work for more than one week.This is determined case by case and ACC do not guarantee to cover at all.

What’s covered?

Any health issue that stops you from working is covered but Insurers do have some exclusions (for example self-inflicted injuries)

The solution

Having a personalized income protection plan that will work for you at claim time protects your lifestyle and reduced the stress and uncertainty in your financial future. You can choose the amount of income you want to protect and a wait period that works for you. With the use of other products we can cover up to 100% of your income.

How long could you last?

You could use any holiday pay up that you have
If you have some sick leave that may get you a few extra days paid
If you have savings, how long would that last
Can other family members help
Pretty safe to say you would be feeling the financial stress now
Level Term Insurance

Whats Level Premium Insurance

When you start a life insurance plan you can choose between two types of premium: “rate for age” (also called “stepped”) or “level”. The difference is simple. Rate for age premiums increase every year with age, while level premiums don’t increase at all (unless your cover level increases).

Certainty now and in the future that those premiums will stay the same is why many New Zealanders are making a move to level Premiums. Join thousands of others who have made the change.

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Thanks to the team at Rethink I’ve now got all my financial protection in place. I knew I needed some insurance, but didn’t really know what I needed or where to start. Jade explained every fine detail of the 3 different options she presented me. They also helped me with making a will as this was another thing I was putting off. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Rethink and their services to my friends and family. Thanks guys.

– Adam

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