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Health Insurance

Could you afford to pay for private hospital treatment without Health Insurance?

Health insurance covers the cost of private hospital treatment, which can help avoid public waiting lists. It allows you to have treatment where and when you need it in consultation with your GP. Having health insurance means you can have a greater choice of health service providers offering the service, treatment or procedure that you need.

Why should I consider it?

Your health is one of your biggest assets. Without you, your quality of life can be greatly affected. Health insurance can help lessen the financial strain on your lifestyle if you choose to have private treatment. It can also cut out the waiting time for treatment, which can reduce stress and let you focus on getting better.

Rethink Mortgage Broker

Rethink completed a thorough review of our business risks and made the transition over smooth and easy. They simplified what had been a complicated process in the past, and ensured that we had the correct insurance covers in place.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rethink to anyone who is in need of assistance with their insurance.

– John

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The true cost of health claims

Cataract removal: $4,800
Knee joint replacement: $27,000
Heart bypass: $50,000
Single valve heart operation: $60,000
Hip replacement: $29,000
Hysterectomy: $19,000
Varicose vein treatment: $7,800
Hernia repair: $7,000
Thyroidectomy: $11,000
Prostate removal: $15,000
Spinal fusion: $60,000

What about ACC?

ACC provides treatment and/or rehabilitation services to people who suffer an injury only as a result of an accident.

If you are being covered by ACC for a accident then your Health Insurance does not cover the cost of any treatment if ACC is responsible. However, if ACC declines your claim it can be used.

Whats covered in my health insurance?

Health insurance covers significant medical expenses minus any excess. Cancer cover, surgery and hospital charges to name a few. Limits of cover may vary between each insurer and Plan you have in place.

What is an excess?

You can choose from a range of excess options that will determine the price of your premiums. As the excess amount goes up the premiums get lower. You will need to pay the excess if you claim, this only needs to be paid once per claim year not every time you claim in that year.

What happens when I need to claim?

As part of our service to our clients when you need to claim just contact us and we will get your claim underway. Our full support at claim time can make a huge difference for you.

What options are available?

Depending on what you need, you would choose a base plan then you can add additional benefits onto that plan to suit your needs.

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