Protect your biggest expense.

Mortgage Repayment Insurance

What is your back up plan if you are not able to work for a period of time based on injury or illness?  Your mortgage will still need to be paid and the bank will keep knocking if your don’t have the savings to cover your repayments.

Owning your own home is a special commodity these days, so it’s important to protect those payments that keep the roof over your head if you become sick or injured, and can’t work. Not many people have the luxury of being able to stop work when life has it’s up’s and downs.

We know Kiwis love owning their own home and we want to make sure that no matter what your home stays in your hands. If you are a home owner we will work with you to find out what suits your situation, and come up with a comprehensive plan to protect what you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Help when you need it

Mortgage Repayment Insurance is designed to protect your ability to pay your mortgage if you are unable to based on illness or injury. It pays a monthly benefit if you’re unable to work. You can select your preferred wait period and the benefit is paid after that. You can also select the payment term that you wish.  Partial Disability Benefits may be available if you return to work part time.

Agreed value protection Peace of mind knowing that you’ve got support to help meet your financial commitments.

Being an agreed monthly benefit this provides certainty knowing exactly how much you will receive.

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