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General Insurance

Insure the things you own, like your house, contents, vehicle or boat with General Insurance. If accidental damage, loss, or theft occurs to the assets which you’ve insured, you’ll have financial support to get them repaired or replaced.

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House Insurance

Home is where the heart is. Your home is normally your most valuable asset so lets ensure we protect it. You choose the plan that suits you and your needs.

Contents Insurance

We understand that some possessions are more precious than others and we will help you tailor your cover to protect your treasured items. You choose the level of cover depending on your content needs.

Car Insurance

Whether you’re insuring your first-ever car or hunting down a good deal for your family vehicle, we make it easy to choose the right kind of car insurance, easy to get a quote and easy to buy.

Motorcycle Insurance

We know that motorcycle owners are as diverse as the bikes they ride so the team at Rethink go the extra mile to ensure you get the best cover for your needs.

Marine Insurance

Our wide range of Agreed Value or Market Value policies mean you’re covered for almost any boat or watercraft, in almost any situation. Whether you’re a yachtie or a jet skier, whether you’re permanently moored or off on a cruise, we can make sure you’re protected.


Rethink came recommended to me and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get a comparative insurance quote on my new car. I’m glad I did, Rethink managed to save me almost $1,300 in total. Well worth the 20 minutes it took!
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rethink to anyone who is in need of assistance with their insurance.
– Kurt

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