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What services do Rethink provide?

We provide a complete range of services from home loans, insurance (for individuals and businesses) and KiwiSaver. We also have trusted professionals in many other areas like legal and accounting that we can refer you too.

Do you charge a fee?

Almost all of Rethink Group’s services are at no direct cost to you as Rethink Group is remunerated by the financial product providers by way of commission. There are some exceptions to this and these are detailed in our Disclosure Statement.

Why should I use a mortgage adviser?

As mortgage advisers, we can negotiate more favourable terms than you can get directly with the bank. We also know which bank is going to suit your needs better.

Can I pay my mortgage off early?

We can provide you advice on how to structure your loan to achieve your finance goals, including paying off your mortgage sooner than planned.

Are there any charges if I repay my loan early?

Depending on the mortgage product you choose there may be early repayment chargers. However, we believe in complete transparency, so if there are any charges you will know about them right up front.

How often should I review my mortgage?

Talk to us if your fixed loan rate is about to expire or there is a big change in your life that will affect how you want to repay your loan.

Don’t let your current lender review and set new terms – we can help you see what other lenders are offering to make sure you can get the best deal while the opportunity is there to do so.

I only have a small deposit, do all Banks lend with the new Reserve Bank restrictions in place?

Most banks don’t lend over 80% LVR unless the proposal is really strong. Don’t worry, there are alternatives, and Rethink has the solution.

I want to buy an investment property, but don’t have a 40% deposit. Can you help me?

As per the current Reserve Bank’s LVR restrictions, Banks cannot lend over 60% LVR if you want to buy an investment property. Don’t worry, there are alternatives, and Rethink has the solution.

What additional costs are there when buying a home?

You should plan for some additional costs when buying a home – and this will include paying for a valuation of the property, lawyers fees, LIM reports from the council and/or a building report.

Will my insurance premiums become too expensive?

Nobody knows for certain how much insurance premiums will rise but Traditionally, insurance premiums rise as we age. This can be yearly or every 10 years. Rethink also offers another option, Level Term. This is where your premium rate is locked in and doesn’t increase over the life of your policy – fixed essentially.

How do I claim if needed ?

In the event that you do need to claim the process is easy and you have our full support. Just get in touch and we will get the ball rolling for you.

What happens if I can’t remember my medical history?

It’s ok! We don’t expect you to remember everything that has ever happened to you. That’s why with your written permission, we can get a copy of your medical and ACC records which we can then go through to ensure that you fully disclose and don’t forget any important facts meaning when you claim the process is a smooth as possible.

Do I need to notify Rethink if my health or situation changes ?

We believe in clients for life so as part of joining rethink group you are entitled to receive a free yearly review if you wish. But in the mean time if anything changes in your life let us know and we can asses each situation individually.

What happens if I move overseas?

If you decide to move overseas get in contact with us and we can see if you are entitled to worldwide cover.

OK, I’m convinced Rethink is right for me, how do I get started?

Getting started is easier than you think. Complete the Free Consultation Form or call us FREE on 0800 021 337

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