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ACC levies.

ACC CoverPlus Extra

If you work for yourself or own a business you have to pay ACC levies. This is a form of Accident only disability cover and it is designed to cover up to 80% of your lost income  if you are injured and not able to work. This is called ACC CoverPlus.

However, ACC CoverPlus extra is an alternative option that can save you time when you need to claim and save you money on levies.

Standard ACC CoverPlus is:

  • Billed based on your last years financial earnings
  • Pays 80% of your previous years earnings (limits and conditions apply)
  • Will be reduced if your business continues to generate income during your time off work
  • Will reduce even further as you return to work on a part time basis
  • You must prove loss of income

ACC CoverPlus Extra is:

  • Billed based on your level of agreed cover
  • Pays 100% of that agreed cover
  • Does not conflict with continued business income
  • Pays 100% of benefit as you return to work part time
  • You do not have to prove your loss of income

We can look at strategies whereby we can reduce your level of cover with ACC, saving you in levies. We can then put those saved levies in to a private scheme that pays as well as ACC in case of accident, but will also cover illness related events as well. Getting the best of both worlds and what you pay for at claim time.

There are not many situations where ACC CoverPlus Extra isn’t the best choice for business owners or sole traders.   Rethink can help you switch your ACC protection, and it costs nothing.

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